Our NAAIA National Webinars are dynamic virtual events that unite NAAIA members for thought-provoking conversations about the ever-evolving insurance industry. These webinars serve as a platform for industry professionals to delve into current trends, emerging strategies, and key insights. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your insurance knowledge or seeking fresh perspectives on industry changes, our webinars deliver valuable content directly to your screen. Join us to connect with experts, share your experiences, and stay ahead in the insurance sector.
Offered throughout the year, our Agent Roundtable series provides opportunities for Black agents to share best practices on topics ranging from securing appointments and growing your book to managing staff and marketing your brand.

The National Leadership Summit is a virtual platform that opens its doors to everyone – regardless of their background or industry – offering a space to connect, learn, and empower individuals on their leadership journey. Here, you can listen to influential speakers, gain valuable insights, and receive expert guidance on taking the next step in your leadership path. Whether you’re an aspiring leader or an experienced professional, the National Leadership Summit is designed to ignite your potential and inspire your leadership excellence. This is where leadership aspirations become reality.

NAAIA Career Fairs are dynamic events designed to connect talented insurance professionals with leading organizations in the industry. These fairs provide a platform for job seekers to explore career opportunities, engage with potential employers, and gain insights into various insurance sectors. Employers benefit from a diverse pool of candidates who bring fresh perspectives and skills to the table. NAAIA Career Fairs promote diversity and inclusion while creating pathways for talented individuals to advance their careers and make significant contributions to the industry.
NAAIA Regional Forums provide members with a platform to connect on a smaller scale. These Forums offer a more intimate setting to network, share experiences, and discuss industry-specific topics with members from chapters in their region. Regional Forums play a crucial role in building strong networks and expanding NAAIA’s reach across various geographical areas. They are a testament to NAAIA’s commitment to empowering its members at both national and grassroots levels.
The NAAIA National Conference is our flagship event, bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and up-and-coming talents who come to learn, network, and empower each other. The conference offers a wide array of engaging workshops, panel discussions, and keynote presentations on current industry trends, career development, and diversity and inclusion. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with mentors and peers, explore career opportunities, and gain fresh insights into the ever-evolving insurance landscape. It’s a celebration of excellence, leadership, and fostering connections within the insurance community.
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